There a few ways of building reciprocal links to your website, the method I’m going to discuss is online link exchanges.

What are link exchanges?

Link exchanges serve as a center point for reciprocal link exchanges between one webmaster and another and are a gateway to communication between the two interested parties, the service they provide can be free with minor account limitations such as only being able to make five-link requests a day or fee paid giving access to the full facilities such as checking whether the website you swapped with still has your link on their site or help with building link pages for your site, etc.

Once they have finished choosing which links they are interested in, they can check out and the chosen website webmasters are then informed automatically via email that they are interested in exchanging links with their site and then have a specified time limit in which to decide whether to exchange links or not.

This method works both ways and webmasters will be informed frequently via email when someone is interested and requesting to exchange links.


Link exchanges can be a good way of padding out your deserted links pages on your website, the more reputable link exchanges have huge directories from which to choose adequate links with relevant content to your site, and gain full access to all features are only usually a small subscription charge. One downside could be that websites you wish to exchange with won’t because you haven’t got an adequate Google Rank, this can be a bit frustrating to the newly made websites, but this problem is very rare.

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