Public speaking can be an exciting and intimidating experience. What is even more difficult is that many people find it difficult to recognize what could go wrong. So, just how can you keep from embarrassing yourself when giving a speech?

Before the day begins, make sure you have everything prepared and all of your equipment ready. You want to do this regardless of whether you are going to be giving a short speech or a long one. Having everything set up ahead of time will help make the experience less stressful.

The next thing you need to consider when preparing for a speech is how you are going to make sure that it goes smoothly. You can plan ahead and bring along a notebook so that you can jot down notes as you go. Or, you can make a detailed checklist ahead of time so that you will not forget things while you are delivering the speech.

Make sure you know how to deliver a speech in as few words as possible. When people see the presenter, they want to know what is on his mind. As a result, there is no room for anything else but those few words. So, be sure to focus on those words as you are delivering your speech.

Learn the correct pronunciation of the words. Speak slowly and clearly, so that you do not confuse the audience. Do not speak too fast. Spelling mistakes or any other type of mispronunciation will ruin your impression and cause your audience to lose interest. Speak only when you are sure and think twice before saying something that might be embarrassing.

It is also important to make sure that you smile. Smiling will not only lighten your mood, but it will make people feel better. This will make you look more relaxed, and you will, therefore, seem less nervous. Plan the speech you are going to give ahead of time so that you can prepare as much as possible. If you do not prepare adequately, you could get up there and deliver a very embarrassing speech. You do not want to risk anything when giving a speech.

Practice makes perfect. You should practice speaking in front of friends and family so that you can develop the right delivery style. You do not want to appear nervous and thus make a terrible first impression.

Always make sure that you listen carefully to what you are saying. This way, you will not sound like you are shouting or talking through your mouthpiece. People will be able to determine whether you are actually speaking from the heart and not just mumbling your way through.

Remember that humor will not necessarily get you through. It will not win you any points either. Instead, when you are trying to make a speech, it is best to use the proper conversational tone and say things like “that was a brilliant speech”what a great speech!”

The basics tips above are all important, but it is very important to remember that you cannot depend on these tips alone. Use these tips, but if something does go wrong, it is imperative that you know how to talk things out before it becomes a huge problem.

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