Sleep apnea occurs when the airway muscles relax during sleep causing the soft tissue to collapse upon itself. This causes loud snoring and pauses in breathing during sleep. The condition is so common that many doctors are unsure about its causes and are surprised when a patient with sleep apnea comes to them for help. There are several general theories of sleep apnea, and it is believed that they are all contributing factors to this condition.

Although the most common belief is that people who sleep on their backs have a higher chance of developing this condition, this is not necessarily true. Obesity or weight gain may cause the muscles that control the opening and closing of the airway to weaken. This may lead to an obstruction that causes the airway to relax while a person sleeps and causes snoring.

People who sleep on their side have a lower risk of developing this condition because the muscles controlling the opening and closing of the airway are stronger. As a result, the airway does not relax as much while a person sleeps. A person with sleep apnea who sleeps on his or her side has a higher chance of developing the condition.

Women are also more likely to develop sleep apnea than men. There is a high possibility that this is due to the fact that men tend to relax and fall asleep on their backs. As a result, they push their chests forward which is why it is common for men to snore loudly.

Another factor contributing to the development of sleep apnea is the presence of alcohol or sedatives. Snoring is often the first symptom of alcohol intoxication. However, this does not mean that the patients must stop drinking to get rid of the snoring.

The most important factor in preventing the development of sleep apnea is to be aware of the symptoms and to keep a sleep journal. If there are any warning signs of sleep apnea, a doctor will be able to tell you if this condition should be addressed immediately. In the case of mild cases, the affected patient can probably just stay at home and rest peacefully.

Sleeping with pillows may also prevent sleep apnea in some patients. It is believed that a fat mattress may shift forward and cause the airway to remain open when a person sleeps. If the patient is suffering from sleep apnea, it may be time to consider adding a memory foam mattress to the bedroom.

Medical care can prevent sleep apnea by conducting an overnight sleep study to determine the problem. This study can be done at the sleep center that the patient goes to every night. In addition, sleep centers generally have access to machines that make the patients’ test-sleep cycles a little more comfortable.

Sleep studies are often conducted on people who have occasional sleep problems but cannot be diagnosed. Once a doctor determines the problem, a solution can be found. This can include the use of an anti-snore mouthpiece or even surgery where the patient is placed on a breathing machine to force them to breathe normally while sleeping.

Treatment for sleep apnea is often done in the sleep center where the patient is being treated. This treatment usually involves a mask, throat sprays, nasal strips, or continuous positive airway pressure machines. These treatments are done at the comfort of the patient, but these are just some medical solutions available to treat this condition.

The causes of sleep apnea are still not completely understood. However, the majority of doctors believe that obesity, hormonal changes, the effects of sleeping pills, sleep apnea, and age are all potential causes. A sleep study will be performed to confirm this diagnosis and then a treatment plan will be prescribed by the doctor.

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