Hair is everybody’s crowning glory.

The previous paragraph is the sole reason as to why beauty salons and shampoo companies have become the “in thing” in the business world. They earn money by caressing vanity, the very grain that is inherent in human nature. They awe us by parading beautiful girls with long, shiny hair. They instill in us the drama, the magic, the beautiful-girl-stories of finding fame and romance by sporting soft and shiny locks.

We buy these hair products. We try these salon treatments. But of course, none that is similar to those shampoo commercials ever happens to us. None ever will. But then we keep buying these products. We keep trying more salon treatments. Until we fail again.

It is sad that we end up forever victims of what we believe as the “great solution.” We don’t know that what we religiously follow at the back of shampoo bottles is not really a beauty secret, but actually, a deceitful commercial script to bring more business for shampoo companies. In reality, constant usage of shampoo actually diminishes the strength and the shine of the hair. But because we have so much faith, we never put the blame on these products. Instead, we use more, buy more, hope even firmer that in the long run, we still will achieve the shampoo-model-type-hair.

The rationale for this is simple. Overwashing the hair rids the natural oil from the scalp, thereby prodding the latter to produce more oil to compensate. This results in dandruff and grease. Also, there are residues from hair creams and shampoos that accumulates in the hair, making it more difficult to wash.

In an article by Natalie on a stretcher. com, she gave tips on how to maintain a less-costly but healthy hair:

1. When you wash your hair, lather once, not twice (like all shampoo instructions suggest!). Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly, and then rinse. Your hair might not feel “squeaky clean,” but it will be as clean as with two lathers.

2. When possible, leave your hair without washing an extra day. Try not to wash your hair every day. Your hair will become less oily over time.

3. Brush your hair and scalp every day (your grandmother was right). This will stimulate your scalp, distribute protective oils throughout your hair, and combat dandruff.

4. Unless you’ve had your hair colored or permed in the last month, do not condition the hair at your scalp. This will discourage greasiness, and it will also save you money!

5. If you want a fresh feeling but don’t want to shampoo, just run hot water over your hair in the shower. This will rinse away some of the dirt and even out your hair so that it will look clean without having to shampoo.

There we go. There are actually more less-costly but more effective fixes that we can think of than depending on instant treatments. It is never wrong to look for easier alternatives, but hey, a beautiful mane is a treasure unworthy of being gambled. Let’s play it slow and sure. Beauty, after all, is not an overnight thing.

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