Some people like to give a lot of thought and input to skincare, as they believe it is more than just about the cosmetics. Some say that men and women are unique in their need for skincare. But not all who give thinking about it have a negative outlook on it.

Skincare is not a process of trying to keep the skin free from dirt or dust, but one of maintaining it in its healthiest condition. It is about giving it all the nutrients it needs and keeping it from the harm of disease and old age. Most people tend to neglect their skin when they are busy with other concerns.

The first step to good skincare is to provide adequate protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. That means hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen in the summer and air-conditioning in the winter. Sunscreen is also needed at other times of the year, but especially during the months of July and August. The chemical contents of the sunscreens are known to be harmful to the skin.

Proper cleansing also is essential to maintain skin health. Too much soap and drying should be avoided. Most soaps used today contain harmful chemicals that will ruin the natural skin oils.

Most people wash their skin too much and without scrubbing thoroughly. The best way to wash your face is with a natural cleanser, such as witch hazel. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the cleanser for extra healing properties.

People with sensitive skin should also avoid cleansers with fragrance because the fragrance can cause an allergic reaction. Shower after bathing and pat dry thoroughly. Then apply a moisturizer or massage a few drops of olive oil over the face to soak in the natural oils.

Moisturizing skincare is especially important in the winter when there is a lot of moisture loss from the skin through perspiration. You may think that you need to stop showering so often, but that is not the case. Stop using the hot water dispenser and simply use warm water. Do not rub your skin dry either; otherwise, you will irritate it.

Skincare also includes keeping your diet healthy. Your food should be full of vitamins and minerals and be composed mostly of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. If you are taking medication or supplements, talk to your doctor before starting any new regimen.

Take notice of what your skin looks like on a daily basis, and take note of what is the cause of it. Is it dryness, acne, wrinkles, dark spots, or dry skin? If so, get rid of the cause, and not just the symptom.

There are many topical creams and lotions available, which can be used for your daily care. There are vitamin C creams, vitamin A creams, vitamin E creams, and many others.

Many people are turning to natural creams and lotions for skincare, which are gentler and safer. They are better for your skin and less likely to cause a reaction, although you should always consult your doctor before using them. Natural remedies also do not contain artificial preservatives, colors, and fragrances, and you can put them on the bath or shower tray since they do not transfer to the next person who uses it.

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