There are various packages available for tourists who want to visit the Caribbean during vacations.

Among these, many travel agents offer the All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation packages. You need to select the one which suits your needs. The normal costs range between $700 and $1,000 per person, say for four nights.


These all-inclusive packages come as part of promotional activities undertaken by travel agents. Not only that, they are announced during holidays and the fall season. You need to book your tickets and plan your trip smartly to cover as many places as you can.

Different packages offer different concessions and facilities. Some include sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and tennis. Others include entertainment for kids, swimming, casinos, golf, spa, etc. Additional features like fitness centers, swim-up and piano bars, wild water sports, and excellent dining attract more visitors. Of course, the more features, the more expensive the vacation package will be.

There are excellent all-inclusive resorts too. Some packages offer unique features like a family ski vacation, all-day dining, nightly entertainment, and so on.

Additional Facilities

Most importantly, you need to find (sometimes in the fine-print) any hidden charges. Usually, these packages consist of the best flights and hotel stays. You can also opt for additional features like sightseeing tours, all-inclusive meal plans, rentals, and insurance.

The all-inclusive resorts offer many facilities like pools, kids’ entertainment, etc. The major attractions in these are the beaches, golf, spa, beautiful surroundings, fitness center, water sports like sunfish sailing and wind-surfing, family activities like evening parties and entertainment, kids’ activities organized by clubs, and more.

Choosing a Resort

Before you choose a resort, check the facilities offered. Remember that an all-inclusive vacation will cost you a tidy sum. So choose a resort that will be just right for your family.

The most important aspect of the vacation is the safety of the travelers. It is good to note that most of these resorts are enclosed in a safe environment so that the tourists are not deterred from moving freely and enjoying their vacations. Another advantage of choosing an all-inclusive resort is the round-the-clock snack and cool drinks facility. This is especially welcome in a hot country.

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