Using a “Thank You” letter after your second interview just might help you get the job.

The thank-you letter for a second interview is a must for serious job seekers. If you’ve made it as far as a second interview, then you are right on the edge and are one of the serious candidates ready to be offered the position. When you’re in that position then it is worth your while to use all the leverage you have, all of your knowledge of the company, and all of your job search skills to close the deal and land yourself a job offer. This letter can be a deal closer.

When engaged in a job search, even if it is not your profession, you are really serving as a salesman. The product you are selling is yourself, your skills, and the concept that you can help the company you are applying to. A professional salesman always tries to know his or her product well and always does better in selling the product when he or she has a genuine belief in the value of the product. As a salesman of YOU this genuine belief in your value to the customer, the potential employer is essential.

If you’ve ever watched a sales representative for a radio station calling on customers you’ll notice that certain tools are carried by the sales rep and used time and time again. One sales rep made a fortune selling commercials on major league baseball game broadcasts by walking into businesses carrying a baseball bat as a conversation starter. He’s get the business owner excited about baseball and walk out with a signed contract. He did the same thing with major league football games by walking into a business carrying a football, or wearing a helmet. More conventional sales reps carry “leave behinds”, brochures, price lists, and other literature designed to perk the interest of the prospect.

As a job seeker salesperson, the tools you will carry will not be baseball bats, football helmets, or brochures and price lists. You will carry the personal marketing tools that benefit a conscientious job seeker. They include a resume, cover letter, follow-up letter, reference sheet, salary history, letters of recommendation, thank you letter for after the interview, and the piece we are discussing, the thank-you letter for a sub sequential interviews.

Your thank-you letter should be short and to the point. As an example,








Dear Mr. Jones,

I enjoyed our chance to visit during the recent second interview and wanted to express my thanks to you for the serious consideration you are giving me.

As you know, I am very serious about my work, and I believe that XYZ Company would be an excellent fit for my skills, experience, education and background.

If you have any further questions, please give me a call. I look forward to speaking with you further.

Thank you for your time.


John Doe

As you can see this letter that you send after meeting with an employer for the second time is short, simple and conveys the thoughts that you wish to get across. Try this letter when the chance arises and you’ll have good results.

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