Is there something you’ve been meaning to do? If you’re like me, you probably have a long “to-do” list, but have you noticed that some tasks come and go very quickly on that list while other things linger.

Look at your list now. Is there anything you can cross off today because it is just not necessary anymore? Probably not. The long-standing items on my list are usually large, time-consuming projects or difficult tasks that I am unsure of the best way to complete.

It is much easier to stick with what we know and more rewarding to cross several items off our lists in the course of a day than just one.

Are Your Difficult Tasks Really Important?

But, think about it. Why is each item on your list? Will it make your life easier? Will it increase sales? Odds are if you do it once, it will be over, and you won’t really have to do it again. And, if you do have to do it again, it will go much faster next time, once you get the hang of it.

Where will you be if you don’t do it? Will your sales remain sluggish? Will you continue to be disorganized? Will you fail to get your project off the ground?

Well, what are you waiting for? My tip today is to pick something (anything) that’s been on that list for a while and just do it.


Do you need help? ASK! You probably know someone who has experience with your particular task. Ask them. In most cases, they will be able to give you advice that will make your work much easier, but in some cases, you may find that they will be glad to do it for you! You might even be surprised to learn that they can use your help too. No one is expected to know how to do everything, and it is truly a sign of strength to ask for help when you need it.

Building a business network or Mastermind Group is the best way to get difficult tasks done. Interacting and working with colleagues will help you to see your own strengths and more effectively accomplish your goals using ALL of the resources available to you.

For example. I know a little HTML. I update my website every week and I can even create simple pages relatively easily. But, whenever I have a more complicated website-related task, I always ask my web designer, and here is why: it takes me a week to do what she can do in an hour.

We have a mutually beneficial relationship, we work together and are glad to help each other with simple tasks. Of course, when I need a lot of work she gets paid, but some things that seem huge to me are easy for her to do in just a few minutes. She doesn’t feel as inconvenienced as I would if someone asked me to do the same thing.


The first thing people say to me when I tell them this is, “But I don’t have any skills I can trade.” My answer to this is “Rubbish!” Everyone has skills.

While my web designer is a whiz with websites, she knows relatively little about online promotion, other than search engine placement. I keep her up to date on other methods, and I’ve given her a couple of tools that she really loves. I can also proofread the work she does for others and help her test the functionality of her designs.

Think about what you CAN do and who you know. Talk to them, find out if they have any needs you could fill. Then, take the time to help them and get some of your more challenging tasks done!

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