Advertising is necessary to get name recognition for your business and attract customers. But, what steps can you take to advertise your business if your promotion budget is limited?


The following methods are some of the best and cheapest ways to promote your business online.

-Start An E-zine That’s right! Start your very own e-zine. This is an excellent way to get immediate recognition for your business without spending a dime. It’s easy to start a special interest e-zine on the Internet. Several free list hosting services will handle all the emailing duties and subscribers. Here’s one source below:

-Ad Swaps…Once you have an e-zine start swapping ads with other e-zine owners. You will score big time if you swap ads with a major player.

-Trade Links. Trade links with similar sites. Your search engine rank will increase if your site links with many sites. Leading to more website visitors.

-Search Engine Submission. Submit your site to the top search engines. Pay close attention to meta tags and headings to get a higher listing. Sprinkle a few keywords in your web page copy. Here are a few sources to automatically submit your website to search engines.

-Write Articles. Compose articles on popular topics. Submit your work to online article directories. If your articles are popular, you will get immediate free promotion and recognition as an expert in your field. Here’s a good guide to writing articles for the Internet.

Confessions Of An E-zine Writer:

-Write An E-Book! Great free promo idea. Need I say more? Write an e-book on a unique topic and give it away to website visitors. Encourage them to distribute to online associates. Include links in the e-book leading to your website.

-Signature Files! This is your opportunity to promote your business or affiliate links. Include them in all your emails. Example Follows:

BB Lee is the editor and publisher of the SmallBizBits Newsletter.

-Free Classifieds are more important than you think. They give you experience writing copy before you plunk down hard cash on more extravagant ads. Many marketers still manually post their ads and browse the free classified afterward. A few interested readers will visit your site.

-FFA Links are important too. When you submit to the FFA pages your website’s search engine position increases because it links to more sites. (Although it is temporary, and you’ll have submitted on a regular daily basis.) This will circulate your name to a wider Internet market. And before submitting to the FFA pages, get a free email account to receive the multitude of FFA responses. You certainly don’t want these responses mixed with your regular email account.

That’s it! Experiment with the methods above! And have fun learning what works for you!

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