In the world of sleep disorders, sleep apnea is one of the most common ones. It is a medical condition that is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. Often, people have to visit the doctor for this kind of sleep disorder. It is also very common in kids and young adults.

There are many causes of this disorder. These are sleep deprivation, conditions that put stress on the airways like obesity, snoring, a tumor on the neck or other body parts, prolonged use of alcohol or narcotic drugs, and an enlarged thyroid gland.

This condition has a mild form where the patient has breathing pauses lasting for a few seconds. Sometimes, the pauses are long enough to wake the person from his or her sleep. The duration of sleep apnea can be ten minutes or even more.

This condition has a severe form where the patient breathes through the mouth and nose during sleep. The pauses last for longer periods of time and are so frequent that the patient does not feel his or her breath. The only symptom of this condition is frequent awakenings. Sometimes, the body feels warm during sleep.

There are several factors that make a person more susceptible to sleep apnea. First, genetics is a factor. People who are genetically predisposed to sleep apnea are more likely to suffer from this disorder. The other factor is the unhealthy lifestyle of an individual.

Sleep deprivation is one of the causes. The other is the prolonged use of alcohol or narcotics. Lastly, an enlarged thyroid gland is also a factor. Since these glands are located in the neck area, it is easier for air to get into the body through the neck area, and blocked airways result in sleep apnea.

With so many symptoms of this disorder, it is no wonder that there are natural remedies for sleep apnea. While doctors prescribe some medications for this disorder, natural remedies are safe and effective. Though the remedy for this condition is safe, it should be used carefully and under the supervision of a qualified physician.

To start with, natural remedies are mostly oral in nature. One can use chamomile tea as a way to relax and calm the body. Also, milk thistle and olive leaf can be applied topically on the throat.

Drinks like peppermint and lavender are said to have sedative properties and are very good for easing tension. Also, meditation and deep breathing are helpful in curing this sleep disorder. These techniques reduce anxiety and stress. Exercising regularly can also help.

With the above-mentioned remedies, sleep apnea will be cured in no time. When a person is able to get a good night’s sleep and is more energetic the next day, then he or she is more likely to continue to have good sleep habits.

Sleep apnea can be very serious especially if the patient does not seek medical attention when the condition is diagnosed. The person may end up with weight loss or obesity because he or she did not go to the doctor to see if sleep apnea is the problem. By taking preventive measures, the chances of suffering from sleep apnea are reduced.

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