Nails have the ability to make a woman’s appearance all that much more attractive. They can even give an impression of youth and vitality. They are also not that easy to remove and therefore, women should be aware of the various methods of removing nail polish.

The simplest way to remove nail polish is by using a nail polish remover. A nail polish remover is designed to be very effective in dissolving the color. However, it does not remove the top layer of the nails and as such, cannot be used on an already cut fingernail. The end result is that it will simply turn the nail white again.

In order to remove the top layer of the nails, a manicure is a good alternative. As you cut the nails, you can paint them with nail polish remover in order to clean the top layer off the nails.

If you want to remove the color thoroughly, it is advisable to use a nail polish remover with a light formula. Make sure that the remover will clean off the nails completely.

Since there are many types of nail polish removers, it is important to know how to select the right one for the job. It is not always easy to distinguish the right one from the wrong one. The type of remover you use will largely depend on the kind of color you use.

A mild formula nail polish remover is recommended if you are going to use a lighter shade of nail polish. The remover should be able to dissolve the color in the cuticle layer.

The base coat of the nail should be enough to cover the nails completely. For lighter shades, you need to be careful about the nails. The bottom layer of the nails should not be left bare.

When choosing a nail polish remover, look for products that will remove all the color on the nails except the top layer. While this would seem like a difficult task, it is not.

Look at the cuticle layer of the nails first and pick a remover that has a much gentler formula. However, make sure that you can see the cuticle.

A polish remover should be gentle and not rough on the skin of the hands. You can also opt for a product that will remove both the polish and the nail cuticle. This would be an effective method when applied properly.

While the polish remover is very effective in dissolving the color on the nails, it is also very strong. It can be easily removed by soap and water and therefore, you need to be careful. A little soap and water should be enough to wash away the remover and leave the nail free of the color.

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