Do you fetish-making accessories of your own? If you find handmade bead jewelry a form of respite in your free time, the more you should develop the acquired ability. Searching for no means on how to add more value to the craft will let you realize that in the long run, the gift will not bear fruit but instead, will remain in the zone where you have started. A world-renowned artist by the name of Daniel Lopacki is the best example of a person who went out of his way to discover, which brought him to where he is right now.

Below is a list of techniques for handmade bead jewelry that Daniel Lopacki compiled in all of his twenty-five years in the industry.


The initial step in handmade bead jewelry is when you choose the materials you are going to employ for your design. Lopacki suggests opting for stones that do not bear any cracks because when you begin with your work, it will be frustrating to spin flawed items. Not to mention, the blob blanks will shatter into bits ending up in disappointment on your part. When you will be using clouds or feathers, there are always internal blemishes especially that they are transparent in nature. A minor defect in lucent gems can be distinguished by the shape.


If the material you have bought for your handmade bead jewelry is really huge, you can always slice it up into different sizes. As for those stones that are already small but has a rough texture, more process is included where you can obtain a maximum of three items. Going back to the procedure, Lapocki does it in a manner where he faces the coarse side that will generate the biggest blob blank. As a trick, he often leaves some areas with ordinary depressions since it allows for the thickest gem probable.


In this method for handmade bead jewelry, Lapocki layouts the middle of each material before a hole is created. Usually, the result will always be the maximum dimension of the finished stone especially when the item amounts to two hundred dollars each gram. Moving on, the actual performance is carried out by employing a dial caliper. Afterwhich, twenty of the huge blob blanks will be picked. A measurement diagonal with the face of one of the gems is made which is later on divided into two. Set the tool to number seven and lock it in place. Repeat the method until you are done.

So, are you ready to apply the approach for your next handmade bead jewelry project?

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