Going on a surfing vacation? If you are then you need to carefully plan it out to avoid problems when you get to your destination. To get the best out of your surfing experience, you have to time your trip according to the surfing conditions of the place where you’re going. Also, you might want to consider other recreational facilities other than surfing if you want to get the most out of your trip for the most enjoyable and memorable vacation of your life. Here are some details you need to look into during planning.

1. Destination and Surfing Conditions

Since your main goal is to surf during your vacation then it would be more beneficial on your end to plan for a destination that offers perfect surfing conditions during your visit. For example, if you’re expecting huge swells then you need to check with someone in that area to find out what time of the year would be most suited for a surfing vacation in the area. Also, it is best if you check your schedule first and plan for a visit to a location that offers opportune surfing conditions during your vacation time.

2. Equipment to Bring

In most cases, surfing vacation tends to be road trips that require you to travel an overland route to your destination. If you have plenty of room to spare in your SUV then you can pack all the necessary surfing gears — from surfboards to apparels so you won’t have to buy additional gears when you reach your destination.

For starters, the main equipment you need to bring is your surfboard and a board repair or cleaning kit. Wet suits are not necessary if you’re going to surf in a warm tropical climate, however, it is a necessary gear if the water is too cold for you to handle. A floatation device or a life jacket is also a plus, but you can easily rent some out on the beach where you plan to spend your surfing vacation.

3. Accommodations

It is very important that you consider the place where you will be staying when you go on your surfing vacation. In most cases, a hotel beside the beach where you plan to do your surfing is the best choice for you. Also, some vacationers tend to camp out on the beach for a few days which is part of a surfer’s lifestyle — especially when you’re with a group.

There are just some details you need to consider during the planning of your surfing vacation. There might be other items on your list that needs planning, like camping equipment if you’re going to a remote location without any hotels or a house to keep the weather off you during your stay. It all depends on where you plan to spend your surfing holiday. Just make sure you bring extra funds just in case of last-minute purchases.

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