The role of private speech in the development of our children cannot be overlooked. A lot of research has been done into this phenomenon, and it has been found to be of extreme benefit to children. Private speech enables the transformation of the child from that self-control that is enforced by their teachers to self-regulation that they used to aid them through life. It aids them in taking on the adult role of focus and encouragement but focused on the motivation of self.

It can be often seen that the child that used private speech is better self-motivated and has more self-confidence than the child that does not. The child that takes on private speech as a mode of learning is able to grasp hold of the role of the adult and they are able to be more independent. With the installation of the knowledge and know-how of how to handle situations, the use of private speech will dissipate to a very low level and only surface in difficulty. If a child has met difficulty there are typically three scenarios that can arise.

The first is that the child becomes frustrated and unhappy. This can be very detrimental to the development of the child as it can manifest itself in their performance at school, at home, and even in their health. The step is that they will give up. This is also never desirable because we wish to prepare our children for the potholes in life. The second scenario is where the child will be aided by an adult in the accomplishment of the desired goal or overcoming of the problem. Nothing is wrong with this balanced by self-thought and self-direction or regulation but if the child is always dependent on an adult to bail them out this can lead to more serious problems as they get older and are forced to function on their own in society.

The third scenario is that the child can utilize the tool of private speech to coach themselves through a tough situation, a dilemma, or a problem. They may not always overcome the situation but with logical thinking, they avoid the feeling of inadequacy that can arise, as they are aware of the fact that they have done their best and are satisfied that the circumstances are beyond their control. Private speech is an important tool for children that they can use to become independent and that can bridge between the stages of collaboration and self-regulation or direction.

In order to promote self-direction and private speech, we as adults have to provide the correct circumstances for children to develop these skills. This entails ensuring that children are challenged in their tasks. When children face no challenges they never seek to work through them and are not self-directed. They do not talk and interact without challenges to work on. There is also another step, which is removed in stages of the adult direction. We have to remove some of the control in the environment to allow self-direction because if we control everything there is no opportunity for the child to practice self-direction.

It is important to promote the self-direction and regulation of children so that they are better equipped to handle the troubles they will face in life. We have to allow room for private speech and give children some responsibility for their actions and some control in order to prepare them to think independently in life eventually.

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