Camping on the road is a great way to have fun and to get a great workout. It also comes with some dangers that you must consider. Follow these tips to avoid the most common camping mishaps.

You will need water. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures of campers on trails sipping from streams or ponds. However, if you are going camping, you will need to be sure to carry enough water to last for at least a day. You’ll be glad you did.

This is the most important tip. Be sure to wear proper clothing and footwear that is going to protect you from the elements. Be sure to invest in sturdy shoes with a comfortable fit. You’ll want to be protected even if it means buying a pair of sandals for the river.

Don’t forget to take adequate sun protection for yourself. You can use sunblock in between meals to help keep you from drying out. It will also help prevent sunburn. You’ll be happy you did! Again, sunblock is just as important when you are out in the desert.

Pack lightweight items. If you pack light, you can take them on any trip. Many people forget this one and find themselves looking like a pig with everything they own strapped to their back!

Do-it-yourself lessons are a great idea. You’ll learn something new and helpful. You will also learn something about safety. A course offered by your local recreation center should be able to offer you a variety of lessons that range from how to handle fire, to get the right equipment, to the most important lesson, how to prepare properly for your trip.

Bring garbage bags. Campgrounds often offer a trash service for that. Get yourself a few large trash bags so you can pack up your trash on your own. Having a place to throw away your used toilet paper or junk food is a great idea.

Make sure you pack some type of insect repellent. Some people don’t really need insect repellent, but if you are planning on camping in a remote area, you might need to use it. It works very well against mosquitoes. However, you may also want to bring a lot of extra mosquito repellent for the car, truck, and RV if you go camping in them.

Get yourself a pair of socks. Even when you are at home, you still need to have at least two pairs of socks at home. If you plan on camping in your own shoes, you’ll be glad you packed some extra socks. You will also have more flexibility to change your socks if you ever have to.

Remember, when you are on camping trips, you will be exposed to many chemicals. If you are using pesticides, be sure to wash your hands before you eat or touch the food. It’s not always safe to eat outside, especially with dogs and children around.

Remember to be careful out there. You’ll be a lot safer if you follow these camping tips and be sure to take plenty of water.

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