An Ox is most likely to attain a leadership position in society because he is averse to receiving order but particularly loves giving them to people, it is stubborn Dogmatic nature makes him a good leader.|A natal chart can help you understand why you act the way you do, what motivates you and why you are more inclined to certain things than others. Understanding these things can help you accept yourself more easily.|Monkeys are basically selfish; the Chinese Astrological projections show that those born under this sign are self-indulgent and tend to put themselves before others. They won’t readily admit they are wrong when they err. Instead, they keep quiet and try to fix things.

People who have the Pisces as their star sign tend to work alone; they abhor jobs when their talents lie unused and prefer to lumber off into the Sunset with their own grand plans in their heads they don’t thrive in restricted environments that require discipline on a large scale.|The Sun is an important feature in an Astrological natal chart because it represents a person’s personality and spirit; the position of the Sun at the precise time of birth tends to give an accurate description of a person’s personality or spirit.

The Chinese Astrology characterizes people born under the sign of the pig as a perfectionist; they delight in the finer things of life and pay a great price to achieve those things. They are a humble lot who care about family and friends a great deal.|Pisces characters are often hurt and taken advantage of because they are warm friendly people who put other people before firmly asset themselves whenever the occasion calls for it. The Ox personality under Chinese Astrology is smart, trustworthy, and honorable; however, they tend to be a little condescending and judgmental and this tends to put off a lot of their friends. 

Various signs are ruled by planets which also contribute to the characteristics exhibited by people born under those signs for instance, the planet Mercury governs the Gemini and Virgo signs while Mars rules the Arians. Pigs personalities are people with a driving thirst for knowledge; they are excited about new things and are eager to share what they have either knowledge or wealth with people around them, they are very magnanimous people.

The Moon has been attributed to the state of the soul; it is responsible for the innate abilities, emotions, and beliefs that a person has and is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign cancer. |A perfect match for a Pisces will be someone who appreciates the gentle nature of the Pisces and courts them with utmost are an aspect. Pisces people are more intellectually included than sexual and need to be brought out of their shell. The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn; this planet is associated with principles like boundaries, rules, realities, and restrictions.

One of the traits of the big personality that is considered negative is their ability to exclude everyone who does not appreciate their character; they are likely to focus only on people who they like focusing on a wider world can help them learn to be more accommodating.|Gamin and Virgo get their thinking abilities from the ruling planet mercury which is responsible for the transformation of ideas into reality this planet is basically all about communication. 

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