Get them with a powerful sales letter!

The main reason why 95% of online businesses fail is because of poor sales letter. Write your sales letter with an individual in mind; think as if you are writing personally to them. People love to read good stories, tell them stories that illustrate a point you are trying to make.

1. Heading

Write attention-grabbing & powerful heading. Remember you have 15 seconds or less to capture your visitor’s attention before they click away. Offer the best benefits or the biggest promise to your visitors. Increase their curiosity by showing them self-serving benefits. Your heading should immediately create a desire in the reader to want to know more.

2. Testimonials

One of the biggest problems on the internet is being believed. Testimonials are the best way to assure people that you are not a scam artist. People want to know what others are saying about the product. In fact, a good testimonial from respected well-known authorities within your targeted field will definitely build your credibility & boost sales. Try to include a testimonial as close to the top of your sales letter as you will get people immediately believing what you say even before they read your sales letter.

3. Build Interest

Build interest in your reader by discussing a problem or telling a story. The first part of your sales letter should build interest in your readers and try to expand the benefits you got people excited about in your headings. People love to read stories, so tell them some exciting stories of your past experience, but remember the story should be within your targeted field.

4. Bullets.

Bullets are one of the most powerful persuader in a sales letter. People spend a lot of time reading a bulleted list. Bullets arouse the curiosity of your visitor, so use them to stress the benefits of your products or services and spell out exactly what is included in your offer. Make your bullets like a mini heading. Use them to narrate the benefits of your products in a step-by-step way.

5. Comparison

To prove that your product or services are of great value you need to show them what you are offering is much better them your competitors. Show them that others are charging much more for a less quality product than yours. Explain to them that they are getting a better deal by ordering from you. This way you can prove your products or services are of great value.

6. Bonuses

Make your offer different & valuable by adding some good products as bonuses. Do not give away outdated junk as a bonus it will damage the credibility of your main product. Your bonuses should be as good as they could sell on their own. Remember sometimes people buy the main product just because of the bonuses.

7. Guarantee

If you have a good product then there is no need to worry about offering a strong guarantee. Make your guarantee look like a personal promise. Try to convince your visitors that they have nothing to lose all the burden is on you to deliver what you promised.

8. Demand Immediate Action

Include a deadline to create a sense of urgency in the mind of your customer. Nobody wants to make a decision, so let your customer know that they will be missing out on a great deal if they do not act now.

9. What to do next?

Do not make your customer guess what you want them to do next. Tell them clearly that Click here to order or get immediate access. Make this process as simple & understanding as you can.

10. P.S.

P.S. is a very important part of your sales letter as most of your site visitors will immediately scroll down to the end of your page to find out how much it would cost.

A P.S. is the best place to summarize your product or services as visitors checking your price will also have a detailed description of what they will get if they order now.

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